Telecommunication Engineering

We have helped our clients put innovative network solutions into place, quickly and cost-effectively by keeping them at the forefront of their respective industries. Its how we've built a reputation for excellence across the nation, one project at a time

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Why Telecommunication Engineering

Leadership in Engineering

Konnexx has provided leadership in engineering services to the telecommunications and power industries. Konnexx understands that speed and efficiency are critical in today's technologyintensive communications environment.

We specialize in the latest technology

Using state of the art equipment such as Fiber Optic Fusion Splice machines, Fiber Optic OTDR , Fiber Optic Power meter/light sources, Fiber Optic talk sets, Date Test Set (penta scanner), Copper Cable Locators, Copper Cable Installer Test Set/Fault Locators, Confine Spade Equipment and Gas Detectors.

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